Our Qigong program for morning and evening

Each exercise is targeted towards opening up specific Qi points and meridians, collecting universal Qi, strengthening the Qi energy centers and nourishing the Qi. During the morning Qigong session, we gather Yang-Qi from the universe. Yang-Qi has an uplifting, inspiring, opening, expanding and energizing effect. It prepares us for the day ahead. During the evening session, on the other hand, we gather Yin-Qi from the universe which has a soothing, calming and grounding effect and helps us to sleep soundly. Although some elements of the morning and evening exercises are similar, they subtly gather precisely the energy form that you need for the particular time of day.

Lotus Meditation

The lotus meditation is a wonderful, strengthening Qigong exercise. With the help of “chanting” along with the visualization of the light of love and the sacred lotus in your heart and other energy centers, you become cleansed, you receive new energy and you enter a divine world of peace.