Pilates + Yoga

Figure sculpting, energy and balance workout

Together with my trainer Tanja Krodel and Dr. Christian Reichardt, I’ll take you through a strengthening, stretching and relaxation workout based on the classical Joseph Pilates mat exercises and thousand-year-old yoga techniques.

Comprising 40 exercises, Pilates + Yoga combines the best of two popular forms of training.

  • 40 classical Pilates and yoga exercises
  • Many of the exercises have a beginners’ option
  • Workout segments for figure sculpting, full-body strengthening, back strengthening and relaxation, balance, cardio training, stretching
  • Full training program (approx. 80 minutes)
  • Power figure sculpting (approx. 50 minutes)
  • Relaxation stretching (approx. 30 minutes)
  • Back, shoulder and neck program (approx. 20 minutes)