B.FIT in 30 Tagen

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I’m a person with many interests and I love trying out new things. In Miami and on my travels I test out every new kind of training that has the potential to become a trend. In my quest to find the ultimate exercises that produce maximum effect in a short space of time, I’ve tried out many things. In Miami you can find every conceivable variety of “abs, thighs and buns” workout and new ones are constantly being developed. So, with Tanja’s help, I had the idea of putting together my favorite exercises from various workouts to create an effective full-body program. And now I’m proud to present you with the result: B.FIT in 30 Tagen. It brings fast results, it’s really fun thanks to the dynamically alternating nature of the exercises, and when you’re doing the final repetitions, you can really feel the burn in your abdomen, buttock and leg muscles – but only at the start, of course, when you’re not yet in top form.