Barbara was born on November 1, 1966 in Heidelberg. She is the daughter of the African-American photographer, Harlan Ross Feltus, one of Germany's most well-known children's photographers and Ursula Feltus, a German teacher. Barbara Becker studied voice and acting in Munich before she discovered modeling and starting taking jobs. At 27 she married Boris Becker. She had two children with him: Noah Gabriel (*1994) and Elias Balthasar (*1999). After seven years of marriage, the couple separated and in 2000, Barbara and both her sons moved to Fisher Island in Florida. From there she launched different careers simultaneously, all extremely successful and infused with tremendous passion. In 2009, she married the Belgian artist, Arne Quinze and was with him until 2011. In the meantime, Barbara has made a name for herself in many areas; she is not only Germany's First Fitness Lady, but also a renowned designer, actress and business woman.


Since her training, Barbara has maintained her affinity for acting, provided she has the time. She has already played in various TV roles, the most recent role being in the 2012 ZDF series "Soko Stuttgart". Barbara likes to express her versatility, something she did at the Jedermann-Festspielen in Berlin where she played the role of paramour on stage in 2006. She moderated the lifestyle documentary soap "New Life – mein neues Leben" on Pro7 and has accepted various invitations to appear on TV shows.


Barbara expresses her love of design and versatile creativity in a number of ways. Here she inspires not only through her creative power, but as a model she also endorses her creations.


For 12 years now Barbara has been working as a jewelry designer and enjoying international success with her inspiring and unmistakable style. It's not just pleasure in beautiful things which she expresses with her designs, it's also a feeling that beauty knows many different moments, be it in high heels on the red carpet or barefoot on the beach in Miami. With the support of Pierre Lang, Barbara presented her latest collection in 2012 which is very much designed with the senses in mind. It is jewelry for women who have something mystical and magical about them or, simply, for modern goddesses.


Barbara loves experimenting with unusual fabrics, color palettes and forms to give meanings to rooms. All the while, quality is very important in everything she does. Together with the well established German company, Rasch, she launched her first Home Vision Collection in 2011 which includes fabrics, curtains, pillows, blankets and wallpaper. "b.b home passion" is a great success. In the meantime, she has designed six thematic creations, the most recent addition being "b.b home passion – Rug collection." For this and together with the renowned rug manufacturer, Reinkemeier-Rietberg, Barbara developed expressive rugs for the living room and entry way.


Barbara worked for the Otto catalogue in 2003 designing different clothing items. In 2005, she met fellow designer, Martina Rau with whom she developed ideas for her own label "f.rau becker", which she presented at the Berlin Fashion Week.

Thereafter Barbara turned her attention to fitness apparel. Merging fitness and fashion is truly a logical move considering that fitness is just as much a part of Barbara's daily life as brushing teeth. The "Venice Beach Collection by Barbara Becker" reflects the combination of both interests and was designed by Barbara together with the fitness fashion label, Venice Beach.


Barbara draws energy for life's challenges and her numerous projects from a healthy body and spirit. She is aware of just how important fitness is as part of a healthy lifestyle and for her well-being and zest for life. Barbara stays in shape with pilates training. She was inspired by the gentle strength and stretching exercises which is why since 2005 she has released several additions of her outstanding DVD "Mein Pilates Training" which went platinum for 200,000 copies sold and "Pilates + Yoga" and "Mein Pilates Core Training". With these DVDs she has already encouraged more than half a million people to get moving.

Over the years, Barbara has been consistently expanding her know-how and wealth of experience in the area of fitness. The result is not only a well-trained body, but also her 2011 DVD release "B.FIT in 30 Tagen": A full body workout which effectively tones and sculpts the body and gives everyone the opportunity to work on their ideal figure. Together with her long-time trainer, Tanja Krodel, and her nutritional advisor, Anja Riesenberg, Barbara published "B.FIT in 30 Tagen – das Miami Bauch-Beine-Po-Training" with the Munich-based riva Verlag in 2012 which unveils the secret of the highly effective fitness plan and how every woman can achieve a firm figure in just 30 days. And the sequel "B.Fit mit Ball und Band" has already been published.

In addition to her daily fitness program, Barbara Becker has also been doing Qigong for a while now. Master Robert Peng, a Chinese Qigong master who lives in New York, has been instructing her in the century-old art of concentration, movement and meditation practice. For Barbara, Qigong opened up a new world. Awareness for one's self and for others has become an important part of her day. The result of the cooperation between Barbara and Master Peng is a joint DVD released in 2011 with a good morning and good evening Qigong program and a lovely meditation.

In addition to her fitness career, Barbara continues to work in design and as an actress. She prefers to spend her free time with her family and friends at home in Miami, Florida, but also in Germany where she visits several times a year.