When I was little I really wanted:

To always be the fastest in the class. And I was for years. Today, my two boys are faster than me.

First job:

I was fourteen years old and worked in a chocolate shop packaging chocolates. In the evenings, I always got to take home the remaining chocolates from the display. I never had so many friends before...

I also learned how to wrap presents nicely. I can still do this today which is why friends often ask me to wrap presents for their children.

First design creation:

Stockings in red and blue which I knitted myself.

Proudest moment in my life:

That was the birth of my sons.

And now I even think my parenting messages are yielding results now and then like when my son buckles himself up in the car without being asked.

Biggest challenge thus far:

In terms of sports it was definitely a 24-hour Dolomite hike which I did this summer. Together with the extreme mountain climber, Hans Kammerlander, I hiked up to an altitude of 3,600 meters in the Sesto Dolomites.

This year, I also took part in a meditation seminar where we weren't allowed to talk until sunset. Not being allowed to talk is quite a big challenge for me and that's also why I have such a hard time with diving.

The best part about being a mom:

The certainty of knowing where you belong; you are never alone any more.

The most difficult part about being a mom:

Having to act as though you have an answer to everything and the relentless desire to do everything right. But it gets better as they get older.

Next big goal:

I'd like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Life motto:

It changes from time to time but at the moment it's:
Live and let live.